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Construction Update
  • Willow Creek: North addition roofing is almost complete, most of the brick is in place and concrete is being poured. The south addition (office) is getting started.
  • Owatonna Middle School: Coming soon are roofing projects and pouring of the upper level floor. 
  • Lincoln and McKinley Elementary Schools: Thanks to staff input for the classroom, gym and secure entrance additions, outside ground preparation should start in early May in preparation for summer construction. Work will continue into the 2017-18 school year, but every effort will be made to keep construction away from instructional areas.
At the April Facilities Committee meeting, Donlar Construction confirmed that both Willow Creek and Owatonna Middle School will be ready to open at the start of school fall 2017. Owatonna Middle School may have some construction still taking place for a few weeks when students arrive in September, but it should be in non-critical areas. Crews will do everything in their power to minimize any disruption to learning.

Many thanks to our community for supporting last year's referendum, which made all these changes - along with improvements to safety and security and deferred maintenance work - possible.

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