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On the year to renew your license, your license renewal information
needs to be submitted before one of the three (3) dates listed below.
Once your license renewal submission has been approved through
PDExpress, your information will be uploaded to MDE in the months
of December, February or May. The committee will not be reviewing
license renewal submissions after May 1st for the 2018 renewals.

Submission Dates
• December 1st, 2017
• February 1st, 2018
• May 1st, 2018
Professional Development Opportunities

• March 14th: Restorative Practices (meets positive behavior requirement)

​​***When signing up in PDExpress you will notice other courses, however the professional development listed above are the ones available for non-staff. 

Please email Taylor Petrich ( ) for sign up questions.
CEU Committee Members

  · Sue Harty ( A - C ) 

 · Connie Pittmann ( D - G )

 · Julie Bauer ( H - K )

 · Lynn Peterson ( L - N )

· Russ Dunn-Foster ( O - R )

 · JoAnn Stolpa ( S )

 · Chris Picha ( T - Z ) 
  - cpicha


For more information please contact: 
Hannah Gehrke-Keltgen
Human Resources Specialist 


For me information contact: Hannah Gehrke-Kelt, HR Specialist 507-444-8612 /